If you are looking to save time and money on developing an After Effects project, then using a template is the way to go!  You can always adjust the template for your personal needs, but it will save you hours of coding.  Some of the Free After Effects Templates listed below are part of tutorials while others are stand alone templates.  Add you text and video to these templates and you’re in business!

The Network

The Network creates a visual for global relations, international influence and sales.  Add this template to position your company as an international success!   This free After Effects template has simple, well-paced graphics that enter the screen.

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Slate Splash

Slate Splash creates excitement and tension as a cinematic movie trailer.  It has several simple but effective text areas.  The black background and glowing blue text are bold choices.  The flying water droplets create motion.

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Smoke Trails

This free After Effects template creates realistic smoke trails.  Use this for your next jet excursion or missile launch.

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Tron Project

You will probably recognize this next template from the movie and video game Tron.  Free from Video Copilot, this After Effects project has awesome glowing lines and background.

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Circular Frames

Circular Frames is a free After Effects template perfect for a baby or family photo project.  It offers photo areas in circular frames that resemble a baby mobile.

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Logo Intro

Logo Intro has a simple but effect logo animation.  This free After Effects template is quick to use.  The particles and flares are pre-rendered.  No additional third-party plug-ins are necessary.

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Business Class

Business Class is a free After Effects template perfect for corporate slideshows, presentations, or keynote speaker introductions.  It is sleek and contemporary setting the tone for a professional, successful industry image.

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Grunge Frames

The next free After Effects template is Grunge Frames.  Large place holders for photos  and text enter the screen.  It is well paced and easy to read.  Add some kicking music and you are ready to go!

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Reflective Spin

Available to use  in all projects is this free After Effects template called Reflective Spin.  The 3D spinning text/logo creates energy and movement in your After Effects project.  It is a simple addition that adds a lot of energy to your opening, transition or reveal!

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The Peoples Template

The Peoples template is energetic , but simple.  This free After Effects template can animate your logo in just a few easy steps.

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Photo Negatives Slideshow

Photo Negative Slideshow offers a fun way to display photos with energetic movements from one negative strip to another.  This free After Effects template is an energetic way to display images.

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Smartphone Swipe

Smartphone Swipe allows you to create a multi-touch motion by simply swiping your finger across the screen to see or place your photos, videos,  or logo on a phone’s screen.  This free After Effects template is fun and easy to use.

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Electric Equalizer

Do you want high intensity graphics?  This Electric Equalizer is an audio visualizer that offers a pulsating green and yellow equalizer.  Just add your own music!

A video tutorial is included with this template.

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Merry Christmas

This After Effects project is perfect for the holiday season.  A winter wonderland is represented well in this free After Effects project by the simple and cute graphics.

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Snow Storm Project

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  This wonderful Snow Storm Project uses particle effects to create a snow storm.

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Stylized Title Treatment

Video Copilot offers this great After Effects template and tutorial featuring smoke, free flying particles and glows.  It offers visual appeal to your product.  Take a look at the sample video.  Color options are shown.

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Creative Services – Kinetic Typography

If you are in a fast pace, creative industry, this After Effects project is for you!  The template shows the power of kinetic typography.  It’s professional, fun and contemporary.  Simply modify the text to display your message.

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Social Network

In this free After Effects template, A cube with the Facebook logo quickly bounces in the frame and reveals your Facebook page URL.  This is great when you are needing a quick bumper or stinger!

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If you are needing an intro, promo video or a quick presentation this free After Effects template is great.  With the “Light Show” template and tutorial, you can create a teaser or trailer.  It creates an energetic and impactful effect  in just a few seconds.

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Glowing Logo

“Glowing Logo”  is a free After Effects that is simple but effective.  It uses motion and glowing effects to present a logo reveal.

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Fragments – Slideshow Template

Fragments is a free After Effects template that creates a moving photo slideshow using textured fragments in the shape of squares.  They are peeled back to reveal images and text.  It is a simple, modern template.

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Ad Corporation

This free After Effects template offers modern and powerful images that are exciting to watch.  It has several brand/logo placements, text boxes and images that create an energetic, fun and strong customer impact.

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Video Presentation

Video Presentation has incredibly well synced visuals with the background music.  It is a simple, but fast paced template.  It has several areas to drop in your own footage.

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Video Blogger

Video Blogger opens up with custom text  and a film leader ticking down behind it.  Then it rolls into a glitching image or video with text.  The movement of images and text accompanied with the music creates a modern, intense techno product for your blog.

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Flying Gallery Effect

This is a great free After Effects template and tutorial that uses flying 3D images to create a photo gallery.  Trapcode Particular drives the simulation and the wind to make the animated effect of images moving.

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Free Slide

If you need an elegant, professional slide show, this free After Effects template is perfect.  You can easy drop your images and customize the text and you are done!  It is that easy!

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Particle Pop

This is a fun, creative way to present images and text.  Particle Pop offers an ink blob effect that changes to reveal an image.  This template has  a great upbeat, grunge effect to it.

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Glowing Lower Third

Glowing Lower Third allows you to input any video and lays a simple lower third for your text.  It will not distract from your video.

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Filmstrip Slideshow

Filmstrip Slideshow opens with negative strips presenting images.  This free After Effects template features vertical film strips with image place holders.  Add your customized text and images for your perfect family, children or wedding slideshow.

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Hunger Sports

This free After Effects template  resembles the overall feel of Hunger Games. It  is a short 16 second real that opens looking through a lens at a flare that turns into flames.  Your text is then revealed.

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This is a subtle but powerful free After Effects template.  Armored opens with sparks flying from the metal sheet background and a laser scrolling across the metal letters.  Armored creates an atmosphere of power and intimidation for your logo or tagline.

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Motion Warfare

Do you like “Call of Duty”?  If you do,  this is the perfect free After Effects template!  The look and color of Motion Warfare resembles the video game.  Use this template to increase the energy and intensity of your project!

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Morphing Abstract

Morphing Abstract is a free After Effects template that highlights morphing abstract lines, shapes and text.  It is hip and futuristic.

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Tech Talk

Tech Talk is a free After Effects project that is clean and high tech.  It has lots of movement in the template.

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Business Introduction

Business Introduction is a simple and effective free After Effects template that introduces your business, project or logo.

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Holiday Ornament Christmas Template

This is a timeless and classy holiday or Christmas template that takes you through a sparkling array of ornaments.  Sparkles and particles fall to create movement.

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Hologram Photo Template

Hologram Photo Template looks clean and contemporary with images appearing on a white background with white particle movement.  Images appear on the screen sitting on top of a cool spinning dial with particles floating up behind them.  Your logo is revealed at the end of the template.


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Blueprint Reveal Effect

This is a fun, industry specific logo reveal brought to you by Video Copilot.  Blueprint Reveal Effect is a free After Effects template that creates a logo based around blue print drawings.

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Breaking News

Breaking News is a free After Effects template and tutorial that adds a realistic lower third news crawler.

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Light Blast Logo Reveal

This free After Effects template is energetic and intense.  It opens with a glowing ball of light that turns into a gyrosphere of light and energy  spinning around before it silently implodes to reveal your logo

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